Non – Profit Services

Data-Link West Inc. Community Information Service

In the ongoing effort to help Businesses and NON-Profit organizations in the Whatcom County area Data-Link West Inc. is now providing an Electronic Bulletin Board Service. We are currently planning to use 20” screen units so they will be a good size for a customer waiting room or public area in your business. The Data-Link West Inc. Information Service will display JPEG Screen information about the Business Services in the place where the unit is located and selected NON-Profit Organizations Event Information. The service and display equipment will be provided to requesting Businesses Free of charge in return for power and internet access for the display unit. The local business will be able to ad their custom advertising screens (up to 10 screens) at no charge.

Ok what’s the catch?? To help pay for the display units and monthly updates Data-Link West is also offering additional advertising on all units. This wil1 make up to 10 information screens per advertiser available each month to each business. Cost will be $2.00 per screen per month. You the Business provide up to 10 JPEG Screen displays and Data-Link West will add then into all the system remote display units. There will be restrictions so local units will not be displaying your competitions ad’s on your screen. (For example it would not be good to show Ford ad’s at the Chevy dealership. We will show both the Ford and Chevy ads at the Donut Shop.) Display fixes and updates will be processed ASAP by Data-Link West Staff. This will be done over secure internet connections direct to the units.

The Ad Limit per Paid Customer is 10 Screens per unit. There will be 10 Screens free to the Location where the Screen is placed. This will give ample rotation of screen images and fair viewing to all information. The $2.00 per screen per month is per picture, not per display unit. The total cost for your display ads per month will not exceed $20.00 (Plus tax). Plus you will be able to add 10 more local ad screens on your local display unit.

NON-Profit organizations can submit ad screens to Data-Link West for monthly screen display. There will be no charge for NON-Profit Information screens, but the screens will have to be provided in ready to use JPEG formats. This will be a great way to get your NON-Profit groups project or event information out to the Whatcom County Area community.

The current plan is to have 4 Location Screens in a Screen Group with each with 180 Screens per unit. The view time will be set to 5 sec per view which will make a 15 min complete run of the displays. This will then give each screen a display 4 times an hour. There will be 130 paid screens, 10 local screens and 40 Non-Profit screens in the rotation. To best serve the NON-Profit people we are going to make a Limit of 4 screen per organization per screen group.

 equest your Local Display unit or Information ad pictures via E-Mail using .