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The Home Town Reminders system was created to provide up to the minute information for your local area. There are many Search Engines and access programs on the web, but our research found it was hard to find local information with current content. This created the Home Town Reminders Idea, Information you want, current and local.

Home Town Reminders has created an information category list for users to pick from. This list will expand and be refined as the system grows and additional demands are received. The Home Town Reminders system is free to use to lookup what YOU want to find. You can also register your E-Mail address in the system and save your search selections for reuse.

The Unique part of Home Town Reminders system is as you select your search categories you also select the area of search from 1 to 20 miles, and you select the Date. This limits the find part of the search to your selected area. You can have more than one search location in your list. You can set your Home Location for nearby searches and then make another Location for out of town Information searches. There is a GPS Map to help you set the Location. This way you can get Local Garage Sale Information and (When the location is Seattle) Seahawk Football Information.

This is all good and great, but wait there is more! If you go to Seattle for the game you may get hungry. You can use your smart phone and the guest Home Town Reminder App to search Seattle for Restaurant specials happening NOW!

Home Town Reminders can be used for many Reminder uses. The Kids Soccer Game on Saturday, The Garage Sale this weekend, Open Houses right now, Dining specials, Home A Service provided by Data-Link West Inc 8/8/2016 8:01:40 AM Repair, Car Service, Club Meetings, Special Events notice, Church Meetings, and the list goes on and on, Over 2000 Categories and counting.

Now for the other half of Home Town Reminders system, the advertising. Advertisers can place a Home Town Reminder in the system for just $2. You enter your location and Date of the event and a short description of what is happening. You place the ad in the Category you think is best and it is on line ready to be found.

The whole concept of Home Town reminders is a REMINDER of something to do. You can attach Links to your ad for more Information, but the ad is a quick information REMINDER of the Event. A lot of Advertising goes the two week, every day e-mail process. People just delete the e-mail. Home Town Reminders Ads are made for a date and the information is displayed the day before and the day of the event. There will not be other banner ad’s or pictures on the side or other stuff, just the current Reminder information in TEXT form. This makes it fast and easy to find and display and use. You can click on a link if you need more info but most times you get the information and go.

One of the great parts of the system is you can add an event live and have it appear in a search right now. If you forgot the make an event listing for the Garage Sale today, you can quickly do an event add to the system and it will be on line ready for people searching for Garage Sales right now. You will have missed the overnight E-Mail Reminder people, but it will be LIVE on the people using their smart phones to find the next sale.

In the setup of your Reminder Search account there is an E-Mail flag. Checking this flag will put you on the overnight processing list so each morning you will get ONE E-Mail with all of your reminders for the day. You can select as many reminder categories as you want to, but you will only get E-Mail Info for Categories with Current Ads. You may sign up for Garage Sales, but not get an E-Mail till next Friday because no one advertised Garage Sales till Saturday. (You get a E-Mail Reminder the day Before the Event and the Day of The Event)

If you are a busy business person and want to use the system, but just do not have the time to make Reminder entries the staff at Home Town reminders can take your Reminder Information and for a small $2 fee enter your reminder into the system. You pay $4 for a Reminder but really, when was the last time you did an ad for $4.

We can also setup a reoccurring ad campaign to have your reminder on each of the next 5 weeks on Wednesday or whichever day you like. Send us an E-Mall outlining you reminder needs and we will make it happen. service@hometownreminders.com